Are you on the hop?

Let’s face it, the concept of staying in one, “job for life” is pretty much as rare as listening to your favourite music track on a cassette walk-man.

For many it’s become the norm to hop from one job opportunity to another, within short time frames, advancing in knowledge and skills along the way. But what happens when you are “pushed” before the “hop”?

Your untimely departure may have occurred for any number of reasons but if this relates to a discriminatory reason, you may have grounds to raise a complaint before an Employment Tribunal.

Discrimination complaints can be complex to navigate and evidence, so it’s important that you seek help as soon as possible (preferably, within 3 months of the act you are intending to complain about).

If, you have recently been pushed out of your job, rather than getting “hopping mad”, contact Corinthian HR here and we will  give you a free one hour consultation.

Corinthian HR, supporting you today for a better tomorrow.

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